You'll Soon Know w/ Tim Parker



You’ll Soon Know is nobly dedicated to keeping all y'all up to speed, with all sorts of hip-hop and club music, from local and abroad. Discovering classics with Tim Parker every other Wednesday.

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  • Deft-Every Single Thing
  • Boards of Canada-Kid For Today
  • Fracture & Sam Binga & Rider Shafique-She Want It Ruff (Logos Space Jam)
  • Breakage-The Shroud
  • Paper Tiger-Treasure town (Lewis James remix)
  • Alphabets Heaven-Pride And Joy (feat Deft)
  • Fracture & Sam Binga & Rider Shafique-Bubble
  • Danny Breaks-Volume 1 (DJ Zinc Remix)
  • Code 071,-A London Sumtin (Tek 9 remix)
  • Slipmatt-Breaking Free
  • Al dobson Jr-Cigar Box
  • Lekan Babalola-Asokere (ig culture remix)
  • Airhead-October
  • Sully-Encona