You'll Soon Know w/ Tim Parker



You’ll Soon Know is nobly dedicated to keeping all y'all up to speed, with all sorts of hip-hop and club music, from local and abroad. Discovering classics with Tim Parker every other Wednesday.

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  • DJ Rashad-Dam Ma (Jukestrumental)
  • Traxman-We Can Go Anywhere
  • Heavee-Icemaster
  • Traxman-This shit go hard
  • Gillepsy-Love On The Desktop
  • Timbah-Flow Poke
  • Ghost Mutt-Rumble Pak
  • Calculon & Austin Speed-Get Murked (Deft Remix)
  • Hyroglifics-Killamanaman
  • Halogenix-Porcupine
  • Stray-Eazy Boy
  • Redeyes-Get me paid
  • Pixelord-Polygon Fane
  • Donato Dozzy-K7
  • Joey Anderson-It’s a Choice
  • Shifted-Trouble
  • Midland-Safi
  • Ben Sims Mark Broom Truncate-Dial (Ben Sims Remix)
  • Marcel Dettmann-Rush (PAS Deep Release Remix)
  • Patrice Baumel-The Woods