You'll Soon Know w/ Tim Parker



You’ll Soon Know is nobly dedicated to keeping all y'all up to speed, with all sorts of hip-hop and club music, from local and abroad. Discovering classics with Tim Parker every other Wednesday.

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  • Gang Colours-Botley In Bloom
  • Robot Koch-Sludge (feat Kuhn)
  • Dibiase-Sickness [Interude]
  • Jonwayne-Crumbled luna
  • Lorn-Weigh Me Down (Mono/Poly Remix)
  • James Blake-Air & Lack Thereof
  • EDIT-Twenty Minutes
  • Eno, Brian-Over Fire Island (2004 Digital Remaster)
  • Ducktails-Roses
  • Nite Jewel-Weak for Me
  • Bullion-Crazy Over You
  • Madlib-I Must Love You (OJ SImpson Remix)
  • Gold Panda-Quitters Raga