You'll Soon Know w/ Tim Parker



You’ll Soon Know is nobly dedicated to keeping all y'all up to speed, with all sorts of hip-hop and club music, from local and abroad. Discovering classics with Tim Parker every other Wednesday.

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  • MF Doom-Doomsday
  • Jon Phonics-One For The Ummah
  • Sertone-Med X Blue Belly Full (Sert One Remix)
  • Foreign Beggars-Palm of My Hand
  • Freddie Gibbs-Eastside Moonwalker
  • Lil Spook-Ur Song
  • Kidkanevil-All Is Not Lost
  • Deft-A Little Kiss
  • Esgar-Havoc
  • DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, Taso-Cream
  • Moon DoctoR-Chi 2 LA
  • The Range-Motivate
  • Touchy Subject-Skylarkin
  • Teielte-Let's Get Lost
  • Souls Of Mischief-Cab Fare
  • Unknown DJ-808 Beats
  • Omega II-Sonic Boom Bonus Beats
  • Debbie Dub-When I Hear Music
  • Debbie Dub-Lookout Weekend
  • Pretty Tony-Jam The Box
  • Egytian Lover-Party
  • Reggie Griffin-Techno Funk-Mirda Rock
  • Egytian Lover-Egypt Egypt
  • Jimmy Edgar-My Beats
  • Lockah-Ayyo
  • Lockah-If Dubbing You Is Wrong, I Don’t Want To be Wrong
  • DJ Jock D-DJ Wars (Feat. DJ Jealous J
  • MC Cool Rock, Chaszy Chess-Boot The Body
  • Ladi Luv-Good To The Last Dub
  • Big Dope P-Big Dope P Remix
  • Liberty City 89-Freaks Come Out
  • Kraftwerk-Numbers
  • Exist In Euphoria - Dynooo-To Co
  • Ana Caprix-Flashlite
  • Busta Rhymes-Takin Whats Mine
  • Slugabed-Clause Four Original
  • Slugabed-Loving Remix
  • Slugabed-Music 2
  • Slugabed-Forest_3
  • Alizzz-In Chains
  • Principal Dawn-Hide Your Jewelry
  • Slugabed-Another Chance 2K14
  • Migos-M&M
  • Sega Bodega-Konerak
  • Chaka Khan-Through the Fire
  • Ol & Yoin-Sink
  • Slugabed-U_2
  • RL Grime X What So Not-Tell Me (Ganz Flip)
  • RIP-Salleyduke
  • Mr. Carmack-Pay (For What)