Aisha Devi



Multifarious selections from Aisha Devi - expect picks from every strain of ambient, avant garde electronic surprises, and a diverse array of inspirations and sedations.

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  • Disjecta-Pit (Edit)
  • A Tribe Called Quest-Accapella
  • Ivvvo-Haters
  • FIS-Her Third Eye (Drum Rain)
  • Lit Internet-Bow (Feat Lao)
  • Nomades du Niger-Tikichkichene
  • KLF-Madrugas Eterna
  • Shackelton-Deadman
  • Judy Nylon-Room Without A View (Vocal Edit)
  • Unknown-Unknown(forthcoming on Danse Noire)
  • Philip Glass-Music In Contrary Motion
  • Elysia Crampton-American Drift
  • Naum Gabo-Like Crystalline
  • Matchess-Letters Of Blood And Fire
  • Visionist-More Pain
  • The Smiths-Meat Is Murder
  • Orca-Intalect
  • J.G. Biberkopf-Waters