CDR Audio Show



From the initial inspiration and early demo, right through to polished master, Tony Nwachukwu's CDR AUDIO show celebrates the creative journey of tracks-in-the-making with the help of special guests from the CDR community and beyond.

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  • K15-Rain's Meditation
  • Chaos in the CBD-Midnight in Pekham
  • Jon Sable-Colourless
  • Tom McConnell-Smoke Solo
  • 2 Silhouettes-Unknown
  • Koji Seiji Ono-Korean Elvis
  • Harvey Sutherland-Bermuda
  • Phrije-Palindrome
  • Payfone-Padraigh Pray For Us
  • Delusion Men-We're Watching
  • Tim Tapsell-Sp34c1aL f33L1Ng
  • Bufiman-Die Mumie
  • Fatima Yamaha-What's a Girl to Do
  • Dude Energy-Renee Running
  • The Room Below-Freedom
  • Bell Towers-Hyper Realise Self
  • Errosmith & Mark Fell-Cuica Digitales
  • DJ Koze-XTC
  • Heinrich Dressel-Lurking Underwater (JTC Remix)
  • Happy Family-Burnt
  • Eric 'Dunks' Duncan-Nerve Control
  • Duke Slammer-Bangkok Skytrain
  • DJ Fett Burger & Jayda G-Steel D (Flanger Mix)
  • Tina Wantirna-Untitled
  • Bodymoves-Gabors House
  • Kaffe Crème-Jack My Sista
  • Ben Houghton-Market House