Full House



One of the longest running shows on NTS, The Full House Show is a monthly session bringing dusty sounds from all over the globe, including but not limited to African disco & boogie, Caribbean and Brazilian funk, reggae, spiritual jazz and much more...

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  • Chappell Library-Robot Conversation A
  • Drums of Africa-Killume Dance
  • Chappell-Constellations
  • Ahmad Jamal-Nature Boy
  • Tapes Meets The Drums Of The Wareika Hill Sounds-Datura Mystic
  • Bob Marley-Ambush In Dub
  • Flowering Inferno-Make Dub Not War
  • Bob & Marcia-Young Gifted & Black
  • Sankomota-Uhuru
  • Moonlight Expressions-How Long
  • Kumbey Salleys-Mama Tell Me
  • Soul Throbs-Millie Come Back
  • New Life Gospel Band-Yebedi Nkunim
  • Africa Tentacao-Kubal Amigo
  • Rio Dyno Preacher-Pan Revenge
  • Nadie La Fond-Wanna Make Love To You
  • Sonia Santos-Crioula
  • Jorginho Do Imperio-As Pequenas Majestadas
  • Tony Sylvester & The New Ingredient-Cosmic Lady
  • Gene Harris-Love For Sale
  • GQ-Don’t Stop This Feeling
  • Phase II-Boogie Kaiso
  • Les Palmiers Steel Band-Felicitations
  • Los Wawanco-Carreton De Tabaco
  • Kelly's Eye-Greenford Green
  • Moondog-Stamping Ground
  • Jean-Marie Bolangassa - Rikikida
  • Sir Victor Uwaigo & His Melody Maestroes-Dododo
  • Astarius-Ancient Times
  • K.I.D.-Hupendi Muziki Wangu?!
  • Wah Wah Watson-Love Ain't Somethin
  • Jo Tongo-Jangolo