Full House w/ Bokhari Records, Tamara & Helen



One of the longest running shows on NTS, The Full House Show is a monthly session bringing dusty sounds from all over the globe, including but not limited to African disco & boogie, Caribbean and Brazilian funk, reggae, spiritual jazz and much more...

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  • Shigeto-First Saturn Return
  • Sonzeria-Southern Freeez
  • Tase-Analyze
  • Richmond & Lord Sheraton-Under Mi Flat Cap
  • The Dynamics-Move On Up
  • Flatliners-Raw Fi Dub
  • Firmament Dub-Kiber La Anlak
  • Henry Baldi-Can't kick This Feeling
  • Rafa Gas-Souk Project
  • Dele Abiodun-Confrontation
  • Akido-Midnight Lady
  • Julien Babinga-Madinga
  • Letta Mbulu-Kilimanjaro
  • Asphlat Jungle-Freakin Time
  • Carol Jacobs-Robot Jam (Part 2)
  • Unknown-Red Motorbike Records
  • RVDS-Strings In Black
  • Wally Badarou-Chief Inspector
  • International Observer-London
  • Golden Ivy-Vanda Blad
  • Bison-Familiar Stranger
  • Tapes-Wareka Dub
  • General Kollington Ayinla-Iwa Rere
  • Joe-Punters Step out
  • Om Mani Padme Hum-Sahib Shihab
  • Segun Bucknor-Dye Dye
  • Jeancy-You Turn Me On
  • Tambien Project-Untitled
  • Area-Ellind