Helm w/ Blazing Eye & Bress


Bill Kouligas gets some heavy cover for his show by the likes of Luke Younger, who brought along Chris Bress from Lowest Form and Sam Bosson from Blazing Eye. Loads stuffed into this one - from camp Italo to gutter punk via some more leftfield electronic bits.

More Guests


  • Marie Davidson-Insomnie
  • Helm-Olympic Mess (N1L Mix)
  • Digital Octopus-Can't Tell No-One
  • Blazing Eye-No Outside
  • Wolf Eyes-Asbestos Youth
  • Rian Treanor-Untitled
  • M AX Noi Mach-Walking at Night
  • Acolytes-New
  • Diat-Hurricane
  • Sheer Mag-What Do You Want
  • Arms Race-Gotta Get Out
  • Pheromoans-About To Go
  • Lil Noid-Binghampton Niggas
  • Dj Harry & Point Blank-Lighter Shade of Dark
  • Vito Ricci-Cross Court
  • Barrington Leavy-Juggling Soldier
  • Marc Chantereau-Future Machine
  • Nuron-Eau Rouge
  • Dilemma-So Solid
  • The Truper-Untitled (Vol 1 Side B)
  • Danny Lover-Mind Readers
  • David Shire (Movie Soundtrack)-Main Title (Side One)
  • JB's-Theme From King Heroin
  • SPK-Slogan
  • Blazing Eye-Ildjarn