Perfect Sound Forever w/ Laila Sakini



Enter the reveries of Perfect Sound Forever - a two-hour excursion through the various strains of psych, dream-pop and all kinds of ambience; from film soundtracks through to old cassettes... Deep music primed for late night listening.

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  • Randall McCellan-Across Clouds Of Distance Past
  • Craig Leon-Visting
  • Gervay Briot-Eau
  • Sitaar Tah!-Semimimimimin
  • Jon Hassell-Blue Nile
  • The Ghostwriters-Slow Blue In Horizontal
  • Opaline-Communication Systems
  • Legendary Hearts-First Floor
  • Kwjaz-Once In Babylon
  • Laila Sakini-Guest Mix
  • Global Communication-Epsilon Phase
  • CS + Kreme-Fresh Exit
  • Alice Damon-Waterfall Winds
  • Mica Levi-Love
  • Oneohtrix Point Never-Chrome Country
  • Synkro-Broken Promise
  • The Red Line-Shinichi Atobe
  • Four Tet-Morning Side
  • Die Verboten-E40