Phil's Jazz Dis-Junction



Given all life leads to jazz we might as well take the scenic route. An uncanny hour of words and music from producer Phil Smith. Carefully formulated but never formulaic, an inclusive hour of the straight-ahead and the experimental.

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  • Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou-The Homeless Wanderer
  • Joe McPhee-Space Organ Two
  • Kaja Draksler & Matiss Cudars-Nina Nana
  • Shatner's Bassoon-Mushroom / Fancy a Waltz
  • The Alarmist-Morning, Kepler
  • Soccer96-Constellation
  • Shigeto-Pulse
  • J=J-Permutations
  • Colin Stetson-The Stars in His Head (Dark Lights Remix)
  • Samo Kutin-Nič / Nothing
  • Alister Spence Trio-Lux
  • The Grubby Mitts-Chewy Cosmos
  • Judee Sill-Lopin' Along Thru The Cosmos
  • Bastien Keb-Deer