Radio Fenriz



Gylve Fenris Nagell is better known as Fenriz, and maybe best known as half of the duo, Darkthrone. Radio Fenriz lets the man loose on channel 2 for a full 60 minutes every month - expect a round up of the best metal around...

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  • GRAVE MIASMA-utterance of the foulest spirit
  • DOLENTIA-servo além-dor
  • R.I.P.-bereaved
  • ARKAIK EXCRUCIATION-into the fields of the sun-blood
  • WYTCH HAZEL-he shall reign
  • VIRUS-afield
  • NOCTURNAL HOLLOW-hammer of god
  • ATTALLA-lust
  • NUKE-marching undead
  • TUSMØRKE-ført bak lyset
  • BLACK DEVOTION-prophets of the black arts of samael
  • QRIXKUOR-crypt of illusions bane
  • SOLANUM-beg for your life (cuts, sorry)