Radio Fenriz



Gylve Fenris Nagell is better known as Fenriz, and maybe best known as half of the duo, Darkthrone. Radio Fenriz lets the man loose on our international channel for a full 60 minutes every month.

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  • GRAVE MIASMA-utterance of the foulest spirit
  • DOLENTIA-servo além-dor
  • R.I.P.-bereaved
  • ARKAIK EXCRUCIATION-into the fields of the sun-blood
  • WYTCH HAZEL-he shall reign
  • VIRUS-afield
  • NOCTURNAL HOLLOW-hammer of god
  • ATTALLA-lust
  • NUKE-marching undead
  • TUSMØRKE-ført bak lyset
  • BLACK DEVOTION-prophets of the black arts of samael
  • QRIXKUOR-crypt of illusions bane
  • SOLANUM-beg for your life (cuts, sorry)