Radio Fenriz



Gylve Fenris Nagell is better known as Fenriz, and maybe best known as half of the duo, Darkthrone. Radio Fenriz lets the man loose on channel 2 for a full 60 minutes every month - expect a round up of the best metal around...

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  • VULTURE-vulture
  • IRKALLIAN ORACLE-elemental crucifixion
  • CRAZY BULL-live for the fire
  • PRISONER OF WAR-evil sky
  • HYPNOS-i'm on the run
  • PHOBOCOSM-ordeal
  • SARKE-barrow of Torolv
  • SPLIT HEAVEN-speed of the hawk
  • ILL OMEN-whited, pestilent, sepulchre...
  • RADIO FENRIZ JINGLE-dylan thomas hughes, radio maniac monday
  • GALLOWER-necromancer
  • HEAD OF THE DEMON-sathanas trismegistos
  • SKUGGSJÁ-vitkispa
  • BLACK VIPER-metal blitzkrieg