S K Y A P N E A w/ Galas



Every other week NTS will air 120 minutes of sound curated by S K Y A P N E A. Precisely assembled mixes put together by label's head Giovanni Civitenga with frequent guests called in to provide their idea of immersive sound.

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  • Psychic TV-The Orchids
  • Peder Mannerfelt-Limits to Growth
  • Puce Mary-Enter Into Them
  • Aphex Twin-Next Heap With
  • Yen Towers-BID l (Bug)
  • Yves Tumor-Role In Creation
  • Miss Red-Lean Back
  • Croatian Amor-Nadim Call Emergence
  • Carl Stone-Shing Kee (1986)
  • Adam Asnan-AA Batch 0004 (Mythcigc I)
  • Frank Ocean-Solo (Reprise)
  • Amnesia Scanner-AS Atlas
  • Body Sculptures-A Body Turns to Eden
  • Psychic TV-Iron Glove
  • ~~ GALAS MIX (0:57-2:00) ~~
  • Coil-Ravenous
  • John Carpenter-Assault On Precinct 13 Theme
  • Damon Albarn-Bambako City
  • Nico Fidenco-A Dive Into The Past (IV)
  • Essaie Pas-Ausgang
  • Syncom Data-Beyond The Stars (Dub)
  • Timothy J. Fairplay-Flying Saucer Review
  • Dj Richard-Bane
  • Liquid G-Aversion
  • Ihor Tsymbrovsky-Roses For The Poet
  • Lena Platonos-Markos
  • Tropa Macaca-Balada Dos Que Já Nascem Mortos
  • Coil-Careful What You Wish For
  • Draveng-Sentiments & Sane