S K Y A P N E A w/ The Reanimation Library



Every other week NTS will air 120 minutes of sound curated by SKYAPNEA. Precisely assembled mixes put together by label's head Giovanni Civitenga with frequent guests called in to provide their idea of immersive sound.

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  • Arvo Pärt-Fratres For Eight Cellos
  • Radiohead-Daydreaming
  • Kevin O'Neill-Reminiscence
  • Baba Stiltz-ja Rule
  • AFX-Backdoor.Ranky.S
  • Alain Goraguer-Deshominisation (I)
  • Elon Katz-The Rhino Powder Of New Sensitivity
  • Ben Frost-Through The Roof Of Your Mouth
  • David Borden-Enfield in Winter
  • Borden, Ferraro, Godin, Halo & Lopatin-Just A Little Pollution
  • Reanimation library-Mix
  • Incomplete-Portrait
  • Lehrbuch der Auskultation-und Perkussion
  • Speech is an-Important Human Activity
  • The-Song of Birds
  • Sound and its-Relation to Music