Slime w/ Bell Towers & Little



Slime comes sticky and green, heady ambient custard. Tracks linger like ectoplasm, put it on when you’re nodding off every other Monday evening, and see what you dream up.

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  • Raffaele Serra-Lust For Ecstasy
  • Din-A-Testbild - Tight Pants
  • Hermeto Pascoal-Mixing Pot
  • Freeelectronic-MY W.S.B
  • Riz Ortolani-Untitled
  • Lipelis Edit-Untitled
  • David Chesworth-The Bits That Move Together
  • Cos/Mes-He is Rain Man
  • Barry Adamson-Central Control
  • Mind Flux-Warm Up
  • Raffaele Serra-The Flower Theif
  • Frak-Urgent
  • Sano-I Don't (Paulo Olarte remix)
  • Dorris Norton-Digital Processor
  • Sissy-Coloured Rhythms
  • Goblin-Waiting Death
  • Amanda Lear-New York
  • Syzygys-Lotus Rain
  • Malibu-Dancing Fantasy
  • Gold Rush-Walking in the Street (Dub)
  • Petite-Summer's So Fine
  • Riz Ortolani-Drinking Coco
  • Barre Phillips-A.i.a.
  • John Coltrane-Venus