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Morningstar has been played on NTS shows including Dance Music Show w/ Bell Towers, with All In The Game (Radio Edit) first played on 1 December 2020.

1> Morningstar is a Finnish metal band created in 1989 by Ari Honkonen, under the name of Testator. In 1990 the name was changed to Thor's Hammer and in 1991 to Morningstar. From their first demos to the first MCD and full length they played hellhammerish black metal. The second and third album got more into the direction of thrash metal and finally they moved to straight out NWOBHM influenced heavy metal.

The band was disbanded in 2007…

All In The Game (Radio Edit)
Ten Ten feat. Morningstar
Vicious Music1993
All In The Game (Radio Edit)
Ten Ten feat. MorningstarVicious Music1993