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About NTS Supporters

NTS is a global family of music lovers. We strive to broadcast diverse and unique music that excites, inspires and moves you. NTS is where eclecticism is celebrated and niche music takes centre stage. It’s where passionate people, not algorithms, play exceptional music that is hard to find anywhere else. All without on-air advertising.

Our listeners have always been at the heart of everything we do, so we launched NTS Supporters to help build a better NTS. Half of all Supporter proceeds will go directly to NTS resident hosts, with the remaining half invested back into NTS infrastructure, so we can broadcast even more diverse and discerning radio.


All NTS Supporters get access to live tracklisting* on channels 1 and 2, the NTS supporter newsletter and a 20% discount for the NTS store. NTS Supporters is mostly about helping us continue to give a platform to great musicians and DJs, and to build an even better NTS experience. As we develop new features for the NTS site and app, these will be rolled out to NTS Supporters first, with some features remaining exclusive to subscribers.

*Please bear in mind NTS DJs select tracks independently, so we don’t know what they will play in advance. Therefore, tracks that are rare or yet to be released may not show up on live tracklisting.

After tax and payment handling fees (which range from 4 - 15% depending on how Supporters choose to pay), half of your contribution will go to the NTS Residents who make NTS what it is. The other half goes to global music licensing fees*, streaming infrastructure, studio equipment maintenance, building new tech features and the costs of creating thousands of hours of great radio. Money raised through NTS Supporters will sit alongside existing income we generate through merchandise sales, live events, investment from private individuals and the Arts Council as well as selective brand partnerships. We intend to continue to generate income through all of these means, however we intend for NTS Supporters to eventually represent the main source of income for NTS.

*We are registered with and pay royalty fees to collection agencies including BMI, Soundexchange, ASCAP, SESAC, PRS, PPL, GEMA, SGAE, KODA, SABAM, BUMA/STEMRA, APRA/AMCOS. We are also actively pursuing licensing agreements in all other necessary territories. We are proud of our commitment to being globally licensed for our online radio. These international agreements make sure the songwriters, producers and recording artists are paid accordingly in each country where listeners are tuning in to NTS.

The NTS founder, Femi Adeyemi, along with his close friend and business partner Sean McAuliffe. The rest of NTS is owned by all NTS employees, a handful of music loving individuals, and the long term NTS Residents.

Absolutely. We have supporters all over the world and you can pay in a number of different currencies.

NTS Friends was launched in 2019; we opened it up for 1000 founder friends. In many ways NTS Friends paved the way for NTS Supporters. NTS Friends get an annual gift in the post. NTS Supporters is a bit more flexible, you can support from £2.99 monthly. Both are essential in helping build an even better NTS.

Yes. If you don’t want to continue being an NTS Supporter, you can cancel at any time by going to the subscription section of your My NTS account.

If you signed up to be an NTS Supporter in the App Store, then you will need to head to your App Store account, then go to the Subscriptions section and manage your subscription from there.

Yes, you have the option of choosing between monthly and annual billing at the point of payment.

Yes. If you want to cancel, you can do this anytime in your My NTS account.

Yes, thank you. You have the option of contributing more than the minimum per month at the payment stage. If you’d like to make an even greater contribution, please email to discuss how you can support NTS further.

Yes. Whatever you contribute, after VAT and payment handling fees, 50% will go directly to NTS residents.

Keep listening, keep telling your friends about us. We’re happy you’re here. No pressure to contribute now or any time if it’s not right for you.

Sure, you can email us at for anything to do with your account or creating an account.

Built by music lovers, for music lovers