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Animal Things

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Animal Things

Animal Things has been played on NTS shows including Limp Wrist, with Wanna Buy Some? first played on 1 December 2020.

Animal Things was part the early San Francisco Bay Area Punk Rock/Underground/NoWave/P.E.T. Rock music scene. They existed from late 1970’s through mid to late 1980’s. They now exist in cyberspace. They were the first official P.E.T Rock band; other notable P.E.T. Rock bands are Flipper and Church Police. P=Potentially E=Entertaining T=Torture. Members were: Vince Deranged - vocals,guitars; Tresca - bass; Lenny - Guitar, Jeffy - sax, Misha -drums. other members over time including:Sadie, Jaz(Gordon Doucette),Chris Coon, Die Ant, Dee Dee, Shawn and many others….

Wanna Buy Some?
Animal Things
Subterranean Records1981
Wanna Buy Some?
Animal ThingsSubterranean Records1981