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Arthur Miles

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Arthur Miles

Arthur Miles has been played on NTS in shows including Cooking with Palms Trax, featured first on 6 December 2020. Songs played include Victims Of Our Love.

1- Arthur Miles is a guitarist and singer who recorded two songs titled "Lonely Cowboy" (Part 1 and 2), probably around 1929, using a polyphonic technique remarkably similar to Tuvan throat singing. The two tracks are available on the anthology "When I Was a Cowboy, Vol. 1: Early American Songs of the West."

2- Arthur Miles (born November 14, 1949, Indianapolis, Indiana) is an American musician. He started his career as a singer at a very young age in…

Victims Of Our Love
Arthur Miles
New Music International1991
Victims Of Our Love
Arthur MilesNew Music International1991