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Meat Whiplash

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Meat Whiplash

Meat Whiplash has been played on NTS in shows including Idle Hands w/ Zane Landreth, featured first on 12 December 2020. Songs played include Don't Slip Up.

Meat Whiplash was an alternative rock band from East Kilbride, Scotland, that were amongst the first to be signed to Creation Records. The line-up was Paul McDermott (vox), Stephen McLean (guitar), Edward Connelly (bass guitar) and Michael Kerr (drums). They took their name from a B-side track by The Fire Engines.[1] They then became The Motorcycle Boy when female singer Alex Taylor (of The Shop Assistants) joined the group in 1987.

They only had one record released, Don't Slip Up,…

Don't Slip Up
Meat Whiplash
Creation Records1985
Don't Slip Up
Meat WhiplashCreation Records1985