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The Sting-Rays

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The Sting-Rays

The Sting-Rays has been played on NTS in shows including Immediate Hits w/ Dan Russell, featured first on 12 December 2020. Songs played include Behind The Beyond.

The Sting-Rays (UK). Formed in the early 80's, they were based in Northern England. During a six year span they issued five albums, six singles, appeared on several Psychobilly compilation albums and toured all over Europe. Their live performances were legendary, highly energetic and chaotic.

Often labeled under Psychobilly, but they were more than that. They had original sound and style and often progressive lyrics. On "Cryptic And Coffee Time" (1987) they were evolved and the "psycho" was replaced…

Behind The Beyond
The Sting-Rays
Kaleidoscope Sound1986
Behind The Beyond
The Sting-RaysKaleidoscope Sound1986