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Imaani was first played on NTS on 15 December 2020. Songs played include Easin' My Mind.

Imaani's first public attention came when she represented the UK in the 1998 Eurovision Song contest, where she placed a respectable second. with the track 'Where Are You'. The eventual winner being Dana International.

After a second single 'You Got A Way' gained her further European chart success, Imaani pitched in with Dub Conspiricy & Tru Faith on the single 'Freak Like Me'.

A member of British jazz funk legends, Incognito, she joins the alumni of female vocalists alongside the likes of Maysa Leak, Joy Malcolm, Pam Anderson, Karen Bernod, Joy…

Easin' My Mind
FM Inc., Imaani
Boogie Back Records1995
Easin' My Mind
FM Inc., ImaaniBoogie Back Records1995