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DJ Noir

DJ Noir has been played on NTS in shows including Miss Modular, featured first on 19 June 2020. Songs played include State Of Emergency.

There are apparently multiple artists with the name "dj noir".

1) A known Chicago DJ who has held multiple residential gigs, spun across the world - including Germany, the homefront of Industrial music, and been featured in many printed articles and videos. DJ Noir will be spinning only the best in Dark music for you to dance to!

2) A known Portland Oregon DJ who has been spinning off and on since 1990. Recently spinning for Dementia, Zodiac Parties and Decadent 80's in…

State Of Emergency
DJ Noir, Sonic D, Jae Drago
Juke Bounce Werk2020
State Of Emergency
DJ Noir, Sonic D, Jae DragoJuke Bounce Werk2020