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The Coastliners

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The Coastliners

The Coastliners has been played on NTS in shows including Lavender Kite Audio Research Hour w/ Barnaby Bennett, featured first on 28 December 2020. Songs played include I See Me.

By the mid-1960s, the Beach Boys' sunny California harmonies had swept the nation. The Malibu group's songs about the beach, surfing, cars and girls were something every kid could either identify with or simply wanted to. The Houston area was no exception, and in Baytown, Ozzie Hart (drums), Tommy Meekins (keyboards), Wayman Lamb (guitar), Bob Williamson (bass) and Rex Kramer (lead guitar) formed the Coastliners in 1964. Falsetto singer, Larry Sanders joined the group…

I See Me
The Coastliners
I See Me
The CoastlinersD.E.A.R.1967