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Traffik has been played on NTS in shows including Foreign Hour, featured first on 26 June 2020. Songs played include Coal Pot.

South London based Hardcore Techno DJ and producer.

Traffik’s involvement with the UK hardcore techno scene started way back in 1993 when he started his regular 2 hour weekly radio show on Energy FM (London).

Since then Traffik has DJ’d around the globe at events such as Thunderdome, Astropolis, Twisted, Fuck Parade and Pulsamix and released his productions and remixes on lables such as Epiteth, Corrupt, Rebel Scum, Crapshoot and of course his own label Disturbance Records

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Coal Pot
Traffik feat. Sean Caruth
Link-up Productions 96.1 Studios2002
Coal Pot
Traffik feat. Sean CaruthLink-up Productions 96.1 Studios2002