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Brian Davey

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Brian Davey

Brian Davey has been played on NTS in shows including Séance Centre, featured first on 6 January 2021. Songs played include Dreams Of Ways.

Recorder Playing in Colour. Book 1 for Descant Recorders. Book 1 gets the child going on the recorder in the nost attractive and enjoyable manner-the notes are introduced in colour-B is Green, A is Red, G is blue, etc. Learning music couldn't be easier! The book inspires learning and motivates the most reluctant child! The final 22 pages are devoted to converting the coloured notes into normal blck notation in a way which maintains and builds confidence. The cook contains 74 tuneful…

Dreams Of Ways
Brian Davey
Light In The Attic2014
Dreams Of Ways
Brian DaveyLight In The Attic2014