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Time Modem

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Time Modem

Time Modem has been played on NTS shows including Short Circuits w/ Cryborg, with Werkzeug Eines Fernen Willens first played on 7 January 2021.

A German techno/new beat group consisting of Joachim Wilhelm & Ulrich Wilhelm.

Time Modem is an electronic music project founded by the two brothers Joachim & Ulrich Wilhelm in Germany back in 1989/1990. In the beginning they released typical "Frankfurt-Techno"-Trax in the usual style for 1990.

With their first long-player "Transforming Tune", which was released in 1992, they slowly moved beyond the constraints of the music scene they originated in by featuring more spaced-out and "Anne-Clark"-alike spoked word tunes like "Space and Time"….

Werkzeug Eines Fernen Willens
Time Modem (Giora Schein mix)
BOY Records1991
Werkzeug Eines Fernen Willens
Time Modem (Giora Schein mix)BOY Records1991