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Joi has been played on NTS in shows including Sacred Pools w/ DJ OCTOBER, FASO + TOSHIKI OHTA , featured first on 14 January 2021. Songs played include (Spring Heel Jack Mix).

There are at least 3 artists that perform under the name Joi:

An american Funk/Soul/Rock singer, songwriter and producer known for her pioneering efforts in the new wave of modern soul and funk music emerging in the early ‘90s.

A British/Bangladeshi group that mixes South Asian rhythms with high-tech dance grooves.

A New Jack Swing female quintet.

Joi is a native Nashvillian, based in Atlanta for the past 17 years and is…

MOST PLAYED TRACKS (Spring Heel Jack Mix)
Joi (Spring Heel Jack mix)
Nation Records1996 (Spring Heel Jack Mix)
Joi (Spring Heel Jack mix)Nation Records1996