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The Lovers

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The Lovers

The Lovers has been played on NTS in shows including Budgie, featured first on 14 January 2021. Songs played include When Your Poor.

There are at least six bands called The Lovers: 1 - A French Duo from Sheffield (UK) 2 - A German eurodance act from the 90's 3 - A Swedish Indie-rock band 4 - A Slovakian rockband 5 - A German Garage Band. 6 - Alice Offley's 4 piece all female guitar band from London (UK).

1- The Lovers are a French electronica/ Neo Burlesque band based in Sheffield, England, consisting of real-life lovers Fred de Fred and Marion Benoist. Their music is usually upbeat, satirising French…

When Your Poor
The Lovers
Diggin' Deep2019
When Your Poor
The LoversDiggin' Deep2019