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Endangered Species

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Endangered Species

Endangered Species has been played on NTS in shows including Standard Place, featured first on 23 May 2013. Songs played include Endangered Species.

1.Endangered Species, an old school rap group, releasing their albums under Black Market Records.

2.The fusion treat Endangered Species finds Kenny Gradney and Richie Hayward (Little Feat) joining forces with guitarist Jimmy Herring (Jazz Is Dead, Project Z, Allman Brothers and Aquarium Rescue Unit) and keyboardist T. Lavitz (Jazz Is Dead, Widespread Panic,The Dregs) for a super jam, loaded with tight funky grooves and sophistcated musical interplay. The nine instrumental tracks are based on rock, jazz, funk, and blues idioms, while Herring and…

Endangered Species
The Endangered Species
Strictly Rhythm, V4Visions1992
Endangered Species
The Endangered SpeciesStrictly Rhythm, V4Visions1992