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George Rrurrambu

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George Rrurrambu

George Rrurrambu was first played on NTS on 8 February 2021. Songs played include Kulilaya (Listen).

George Burarrwanga (1957 – 10 June 2007), known in life as George Rrurrambu, was a Yolngu man from Elcho Island in Arnhem Land. He was an icon of Aboriginal rock music, and was most well known as the charismatic frontman of the Warumpi Band.

Burarrwanga's musical career began in the late 1970s in Central Australia, when he helped form the Warumpi Band, which was also made up of Sammy Butcher, Gordon Butcher and Neil Murray.

In 1983 they released the single "Jailanguru Pakarnu" (Out of Jail), the first rock song ever…

Kulilaya (Listen)
George Rrurrambu, Birdwave
Rex J Records2006
Kulilaya (Listen)
George Rrurrambu, BirdwaveRex J Records2006