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The Templars

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The Templars

The Templars was first played on NTS on 8 February 2021. Songs played include No Compromise.

The Templars are an Oi! band formed in Long Island, New York in April 1991. The band's musical influences include Oi!, punk rock, glam rock and rock and roll. They have tended to purposely use low-quality recording techniques (their Acre Studios is a garage).

The band recognizes Perry Hardy as their full-time bassist and Chris White as full-time guitarist, even though they do not play on the albums (with the exception of Hardy on two albums). The band currently uses a lineup of four musicians for concerts, with a second…

No Compromise
Haunted Town Records, Templecombe1999
No Compromise
TemplarsHaunted Town Records, Templecombe1999