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Los Dragones

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Los Dragones

Los Dragones has been played on NTS in shows including Carlos René, featured first on 11 February 2021. Songs played include La Soledad.

Los Dragones: Comodo, Donny Caballero and Armando, are three young people resident in the city of Cartagena-Colombia. They did not limit themselves to fuse the sounds of reggaeton, rap, hip hop and reggae, since many artists have done already throughout the world, but also that decided to include Latin Beats, salsa and merengue. Their great hits are: "Me sacaron de la disco", "Hoy", and "El trago" from their first album. From the second one: "La Tarde" and "El Reloj".

La Soledad
Los Dragones
RCA Victor1973
La Soledad
Los DragonesRCA Victor1973