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Soddamn Inssein

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Soddamn Inssein

Soddamn Inssein was first played on NTS on 20 February 2021. Songs played include Don't Abort.

(from PPM) This band was made up of members of Amps for Christ, Wierd War and Herr k, artwork done by Sam Mcpheeters of Born Against and Wrangler Brutes, recorded by Joey Karam of Locust and Le Shok. The record "War on Drugs" is a political masterpiece and is for fans of George W Bush and the Iraq war. It is hard to tell if the band is actually Right Wing or if they are just a group of wierdos. Either way SDI made a very great Hardcore record…

Don't Abort
Soddamn Inssein
Post Present Medium2002
Don't Abort
Soddamn InsseinPost Present Medium2002