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Still Patient?

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Still Patient?

Still Patient? has been played on NTS in shows including Axcess Amnesia w/ Jenny Sayaka Nono, featured first on 19 February 2021. Songs played include Bad Dreams.

A known example of the 3rd wave of gothic rock, German band Still Patient? featured twin guitars, bass, drum machine and synthesiser behind ND's deep vocal. With two albums released on Hyperium Records, Salamand and Cataclysm, the band showcased their 'clean' melodic sound. With their next mini-album Chameleon limited to 777 copies and released in 1996 on Alice In…, they reached the musical highpoint of their established sound. Nightmare Arrival album, mostly comprised of demos and unreleased material,…

Bad Dreams
Still Patient?
Hyperium Records1992
Bad Dreams
Still Patient?Hyperium Records1992