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Boris Midney

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Boris Midney

Boris Midney has been played on NTS shows including The Bennett Show, with D-D-D-Dance (Vocal) first played on 26 February 2021.

Pioneering dance music producer/arranger Boris Midney was among the principal architects of the Eurodisco sound. One of the first to exploit the full potential of 48-track recording, his trademark blend of strings, horn and percussion created a sound as deep and lush as any heard during the disco era.

Born in Russia, Midney was a classically-trained composer who started out writing film scores; turning to disco, however, he discovered his true calling, and working under a number of guises including Caress, Beautiful Bend, the USA-European…

D-D-D-Dance (Vocal)
Boris Midney
D-D-D-Dance (Vocal)
Boris MidneyMI1983