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Captain Rock

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Captain Rock

Captain Rock has been played on NTS in shows including Nitetrax, featured first on 4 March 2021. Songs played include (Captain Rock) To The Future Shock.

In the early 80's underground electro/hip-hop artist (real name Ronnie Green) became CAPTAIN ROCK. Some of his Classic hits include "Captain Rock To the Future Shock", "House of Rock" and "Cosmic Blast". Captain Rock was produced by Aleem (Taharqa & Tunde-ra Aleem) on NIA. Allegedly, at he UK Fresh Fest in 1986, he was accused of stripping down to his thongs! He was known as 'DJ Ronnie Green' the 'LIVE' DJ for Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde during their Harlem…

(Captain Rock) To The Future Shock
Captain Rock
Ol' Skool Flava2005
(Captain Rock) To The Future Shock
Captain RockOl' Skool Flava2005