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Muggs has been played on NTS shows including Ted Draws, with Cops & Robbers first played on 9 March 2021.

Muggs (born: Lawrence Muggerud), also called DJ Muggs, started out in the short-lived rap group The 7A3 before helping found what would become one of the most respected and popular rap groups of all time: Cypress Hill. Cypress Hill have now released seven studio albums and a lot of singles, a few EP's, and even a live album. But Muggs' career is not limited only to his rap group, he is one of the main people behind the Soul Assassins albums that feature some of…

Cops & Robbers
DJ Clue? feat. Lord Tariq, Muggs
Roc-A-Fella Records1998
Cops & Robbers
DJ Clue? feat. Lord Tariq, MuggsRoc-A-Fella Records1998