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Héctor Oaks

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Héctor Oaks

Héctor Oaks has been played on NTS shows including Silent Servant Presents: Optimistic Decay, with I Learned That On The Street first played on 9 March 2021.

Héctor Oaks (also known as Cadency) is a Discjockey from Berlin. He runs OAKS imprint, worked at The Record Loft and is resident DJ of Bassiani in Tiblisi and Herrensauna, Berlin.

Disc-jockey, operates at the vanguard of rave, label honcho of OAKS and KAOS.

As one of Europe’s most wanted underground weapons, Héctor Oaks style stands out for playing the unexpected and the highly engaging. As DJ, producer and label head his take on techno resonates by combining the contemporary…

I Learned That On The Street
Hector Oaks, Cädency
I Learned That On The Street
Hector Oaks, CädencyOaks2020