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Raimo Kangro

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Raimo Kangro

Raimo Kangro has been played on NTS in shows including The Windmills of Your Mind w/ Taylor Rowley, featured first on 11 March 2021. Songs played include Laul Juurviljadest.

Raimo Kangro (21.09.1949 Tartu, Estonia - 04.02.2001 Ruila, Estonia) was an Estonian composer of contemporary classical music. Kangro became known in the 1970's when he was strongly influenced by Neo-Classicism and rock music. From the beginning his musical expression has been temperamental, impulsive and governed by powerful rhythm patterns.

He studied piano at the Tartu Music School with Ene Arro and graduated from the Tallinn Conservatory in 1973 as composer under Jaan Rääts and Eino Tamberg. He…

Laul Juurviljadest
Raimo Kangro
Laul Juurviljadest
Raimo KangroМелодия1978