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Eire Apparent

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Eire Apparent

Eire Apparent has been played on NTS shows including Loose Bones, with Yes, I Need Someone first played on 14 March 2021.

Eire Apparent was a band from Northern Ireland.

In early 1967 ace-guitarist Henry McCullough (formerly of The Sky Rockets Showband and Gene & The Gents) from Portstewart in Northern Ireland made his way to Belfast where he teamed up with bassist Chris Stewart (born Eric Christopher Stuart), singer Ernie Graham (born Ernest Harold Graham, 14 June 1946, in Belfast) and drummer Dave Lutton (born William David Lutton) to form the psychedelic outfit The People. Later that year the hopeful foursome moved to London and…

Yes, I Need Someone
The Eire Apparent
Buddah Records1968
Yes, I Need Someone
The Eire ApparentBuddah Records1968