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Alessandra Novaga

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Alessandra Novaga

Alessandra Novaga has been played on NTS shows including Floating Points, with Poppies In The Morning first played on 15 March 2021.

Alessandra Novaga plays classical and electric guitar. She is mostly involved in new and experimental music and improvising, and has been working, among others, with composers such as Paula Matthusen, Sandro Mussida,Travis Just, and Vittorio Zago all of whom wrote scores for her. Her realizations of textual and graphic scores often include a makedly performative component, departing from conventional ways of interacting with the instrument.

She has performed in Europe and in the United States. She played in Festival such ANGELICA (Bologna),…

Poppies In The Morning
Alessandra Novaga
Die Schachtel2020
Poppies In The Morning
Alessandra NovagaDie Schachtel2020