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Malkit Singh

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Malkit Singh

Malkit Singh has been played on NTS in shows including Death Is Not The End, featured first on 21 March 2021. Songs played include Put Sardaran De.

Malkit Singh is credited as being one of the pioneers who brought Punjabi folk out from the fields and onto the world stage. From its humble Punjabi origins, Malkit has used Bhangra in cross-cultural experiments ranging from rap and house to Bollywood claiming the highest respect amongst Bhangra aficionados.

As a four-year-old, Malkit won admission into a school for six-year-olds thanks to his incredible singing ability. In the 1980s Malkit formed the band Golden Star to produce some…

Put Sardaran De
Golden Star U.K., Malkit Singh
Star Records1988
Put Sardaran De
Golden Star U.K., Malkit SinghStar Records1988