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The Black Seeds

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The Black Seeds

The Black Seeds has been played on NTS shows including Straight Honey, with Dust And Dirt first played on 25 March 2021.

The Black Seeds is a band from Wellington, New Zealand, formed in 1998. They blend dub, reggae and funk sounds to an unique funksteady-soulsteady reggae. They perform with 8-10 members for vocals, guitar, sax, trumpet, bass, drums, bongos, keyboard, woodblock… Their debut studio album Keep on Pushing was released 2001 and the latest, Dust and Dirt, 2012. Their 'One By One' became an international hit after played in top ranked TV Series Breaking Bad. Lead singer Barnaby Weir is also associated with the…

Dust And Dirt
The Black Seeds
Proville Records2012
Dust And Dirt
The Black SeedsProville Records2012