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Ed Yazijian

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Ed Yazijian

Ed Yazijian has been played on NTS shows including All Night Flight, with Circuit House Fever first played on 21 March 2021.

Ed Yazijian aka Dr. E'weerd Yijji should be known for his work with musicians like Dredd Foole and Pete Prescott (Mission of Burma, Volcano Suns) and many others (not to mention occasional live performances with Sun City Girls). His first solo release is titled "Six Ways to Avoid the Evil Eye", based in rhythmic/percussive ritual in a way that more immediately brings to mind the rain of stones that defines much of the Angus MacLise back catalog. There's a heavy, devotional air to much…

Circuit House Fever
Ed Yazijian
Djin Recording Co.2005
Circuit House Fever
Ed YazijianDjin Recording Co.2005