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Michael Kelly Blanchard

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Michael Kelly Blanchard

Michael Kelly Blanchard has been played on NTS in shows including The NTS Guide to…, featured first on 28 March 2021. Songs played include Three Soldiers.

For more than twenty years Michael Kelly Blanchard has written songs (Be Ye Glad , Danny's Downs, I Love You, I Do, You Bet ), prose ( Unsung Heroes ), and plays ("Gamaliel", "Heart Guard") which connect us to the merciful heart of God. As a solo performer on guitar and piano, Michael tells stories with a tender touch to help us laugh and cry at both the human condition and the renewing power of God's unconditional love.

Raised in…

Three Soldiers
Michael Blanchard, Greta Blanchard
Koinonia Records1973
Three Soldiers
Michael Blanchard, Greta BlanchardKoinonia Records1973