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God Alone

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God Alone

God Alone has been played on NTS shows including CDMX Tapes, with Feeling On Tic (Doubt Remix) first played on 2 April 2021.

God Alone are a 5 piece post metal/black metal band hailing from Cork, Ireland, consisting of Jake O'Driscoll (guitar/vocals), Jack O'Hanlon (drums/percussion), Cian Ó Maoláin (bass/vocals), Dylan Kelly (synthesizer) and Seán Thompson (guitar). They combine the dense atmosphere of post metal with wretched black metal vocals and elements of electronic, hardcore, indie, doom, math rock and various other genres.

Feeling On Tic (Doubt Remix)
God Alone (Doubt mix)
Not On Label (God Alone (2) Self-released)2020
Feeling On Tic (Doubt Remix)
God Alone (Doubt mix)Not On Label (God Alone (2) Self-released)2020