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Dresch Quartet

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Dresch Quartet

Dresch Quartet has been played on NTS in shows including The NTS Guide to…, featured first on 4 April 2021. Songs played include Cimbalom Zene = Cymbalom Music.

Mihály Dresch (born 1955 in Budapest) is a Hungarian saxophone player, and one of the most interesting jazz- and folk musicians in the current Budapest scene. Specifically his merge of the American free-jazz tradition with elements of traditional Hungarian folk leads to inspired, unexpected pieces of modern music. (see also: Music of Hungary)

Dresch was studying to become an engineer when he turned to jazz. He was member of the Károly Binder Quartet. Having founded his first quartet…

Cimbalom Zene = Cymbalom Music
Dresch Dudás Mihály Quartet
Cimbalom Zene = Cymbalom Music
Dresch Dudás Mihály QuartetAdyton1993