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Post Mortem

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Post Mortem

Post Mortem has been played on NTS in shows including Yesterday's News, featured first on 7 April 2021. Songs played include Nuclear Game.

There are multiple artists with this name (not to be confused with Post-Mortem and Postmortem):

1) Post Mortem was a thrash metal band formed in 1982, in Boston, Massachusetts. They merged some fast thrash metal parts with slowly doom fragments and near-death metal vocals. The definitive line-up was finally settled on in early 1985. This consisted of: John McCarthy (vocals), John Alexander (guitar), Mark Kelley (bass) and Rick McIver (drums). Their first album, "Coroner's Office" was released in 1986 on New Renaissance…

Nuclear Game
Post Mortem
Vomitopunkrock Records2016
Nuclear Game
Post MortemVomitopunkrock Records2016